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2017 Interfaith & Ecumenical Series of Sacred Studies, Race, Justice and Liberation

Faithful Community provides this opportunity to tackle the big issues of our times with people of other faiths who strive to live into God's world without fear but with trust. This study is held at Union Baptist Church, 12 Midland Ave., Montclair and includes a variety of presenters. Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM.

Feb. 1 - "Exploring the Intersection of American Icons: The American Flag, the Firat Ammendment and Racial Justice"  Rev. Dr. Campbell Singleton III

Feb. 8 - "The Cash value of Whiteness in American Housing Practices and the Legacy of Tiberias"  Rev. David Shaw

Feb. 15 - "Conversations About the Challenges of Being a Black Christian Police Officer in a Divided Country"  Sgt. Tyrone Williams, Jr.

Feb. 22 - "Toward an Understanding of Black Lives Matter"  Rev. Dr. C. Vernon Mason

Mar. 1 - "Violence in Sacred Texts and Society"  Mr. Farid Frederick Johnson

Mar. 8 - "Infiltrating the King's Palace"  Rev. Dr. Paul Leggett

Mar 15 - "Race, Guns, and Sacred Texts in America" Rabbi Elliot Tepperman

Listen Up and Limber Up

After a year spent in the Old Testament, we turn this year to the New Testament starting with the Gospel of Mark. We use the Listen Up Bible Series from the United Church of Christ. God will always have something new to say to us even when the stories sound familiar and are often told. God's word may be heard through careful listening, honest sharing, and trust in the Holy Spirit. Leadership is shared with a different facilitator each week. Materials are provided. 

Tuesdays at noon - Jan. 10, 2017 we begin a 12 week unit on 1 Corithians

At 1:30 the spirit guides us to attention of the body. Chair Yoga with Marcie is a gentle class for all ages and designed to build and enhance strength and over-all well-being. Suggested donation for yoga is $5 which is donated to the church. The Bible study is free. Stay for both or attend what you can. Chair yoga is also held Fridays at 1:30 pm.

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