Book Discussion - Toxic Charity

Robert Lupton, the author, is the founder of FCS Urban Ministries, and has 40 years of experience in urban ministries. In other words, he has seen a lot of things tried, and he has seen what does not work… and what has a better chance of working, in the poorest areas of the city. We all want our efforts, and our dollars, to achieve the effect we intend. This book will help us think more clearly about this challenge.
As much as anything, this book reminds us that the people “we serve,” are not to be viewed as “the people we serve” -- but as partners, collaborators, leaders in their own communities. In other words, “they” have to be the solution. We are just helping in some way to help them be/become their own solution…Join the conversation Sunday, April 30, 11:30 AM

Book Group w/ Nursery School

Union Cong's book discussion group has joined the Nursery School Group which meets monthly at 8 PM. On April 25 we discuss "The Luckiest Girl in the World" by Steven Levenkron. 

"Katie Roskova appears to be the luckiest girl in the world, but inwardly she suffers. Unable to express her feelings outwardly, Katie begins to secretly wound herself, but as the pressures mount, her self-inflicted wounds become more serious, and she can no longer hide them from others." 

Too Many Books, Not Enough Time

We are a reading congregation. We highlight at least two books a year for a Congregational Read and other books every 2 months or so for discussion. Our Congregational Reads are usually of a theological bent and are discussed during 2nd Hour.  Evening book discussion might be just for fun, might be religious, might be a life reflection, but are always thought provoking. Various leaders facilitate the conversation.

The Schneidewind Library

One of Union Cong’s many resources is its library, located above the Assembly Room behind the sliding glass doors. A cozy, comfortable room, it is the home to an impressive collection of books on Christianity and other world religions, spirituality, prayer, grief, church history, the Bible and biblical interpretation and a host of other related topics. We continue to update and add to the collection, incorporating prominent contemporary voices into the collection. 
To explore our collection, browse the on-line catalog to read a description of our books and read reviews by other readers. 
Want to check out a book? Stop by the library anytime. Just complete a check out slip, located on the table in the library. The suggested loan period is four weeks. When you’re done, just return your book to the “Returns” container in the library. Or browse our once-a-month book display in the Assembly Room after church during coffee hour. Check it out!
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Nursery School discussion April 25, 8 PM


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